Our Objective

  1. Creating a proper academic ambience
  2. Qualitative improvement of teaching-learning process through mutual co-operation and modern technology.
  3. Participating in different social and cultural programmes in and outside the college.
  4. Extending helping hands to students.
  5. Instilling, among the students, a spirit of enquiry and rationality.

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Welcome to Netaji Nagar College





Partition in 1947 started a massive exodus from what is now called Bangladesh to West Bengal and its neighbouring States. The flow was more or less continuous, during the first twenty-five years or so, in torrent in the initial years, but in steady trickles most of the time. A considerable number, in fact several lakhs, settled people land for temporary as well as permanent shelter. But there was much more needed in the processes of settlement than land. The settlers showed tremendous grit, determination and enterprise in overcoming the inevitable obstacles to the starting of a fresh life of purposefulness and hope.


Predictably education, especially good, school education for children, came to enjoy the topmost priority in their scheme of things. The modest township of Netaji Nagar, one of the several settlements on the southern fringes of Calcutta, took a lead in giving a boost to efforts for realizing this dream. They scrapped together whatever modest resources they could lay their hands upon and set up in quick succession two high schools, the Netaji Nagar Vidyamandir for boys and the Netaji Nagar Valika Vidyamandir for girls. more.......